Artist Collective is a group of musicians, singers, songwriters and arty types from the West Country.  They are all artists in their own right, but come together to have fun, create something different from their normal output, and test the theory that the best form of music is collaboration.

Chris Hoar



Chris is a singer/songwriter, currently performing with his band After Aura.  He is also a keen charity fundraiser and has collaborated with other local artists to create a single for the project People Against Poverty.


Phil Cooper

Phil Cooper

Phil is a singer/songwriter.  From 2006-2013 he was the lead singer in The Haiku, who released three albums to moderate success.  He has recently been performing solo.


Andrew “Bert” Greaves

Andrew "Bert" Greaves

Andrew, also known as Bert, plays drums and percussion.  He was a founder member of The Haiku and played drums for them between 2006-2013.


Marcel Rose


Marcel plays guitar (and a great deal of other stringed instruments).  He’s a busy man and currently for Budada, After Aura, and The Jess Vincent Trio.


Kevin Smith


Kevin plays the Trumpet, Cornet, Bugle and all manner of brass instruments.  For several years he lived in China and played with a band called The Jackie Treehorn Experience.


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